IT Infrastructure Services Profile

Inwider Technologies offers a wide range of services related to network infrastructure and security solutions.

Here’s a breakdown of the services they provide:

  1. Structured Cabling – Voice & Data: This likely involves designing and installing structured cabling systems to support both voice and data communication within a business or organization. These systems are essential for maintaining efficient and reliable communication networks.
  2. Access Control and Intercom Systems: Inwider Technologies  offers solutions that control access to buildings or areas within a building. This can include technologies like keycard access, biometric systems, and intercoms for secure and convenient entry.
  3. CCTV & Security Solutions: Inwider provides  (CCTV) systems and security solutions. CCTV systems are used for surveillance and monitoring of premises to enhance security and deter unauthorized activities.
  4. Fiber Solutions: Fiber optic technology is known for its high-speed data transmission capabilities. Inwider offer fiber optic solutions for businesses looking to improve their network infrastructure and increase data transfer speeds.
  5. PABX Key Telephone Systems: Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) systems are used for internal telephone communication within an organization. Inwider offer installation and maintenance services for these systems.
  6. Network Design, Installation, Configuration, and Maintenance: This encompasses the full spectrum of services related to setting up and maintaining network infrastructure. It involves designing the network architecture, physically installing the necessary equipment, configuring it for optimal performance, and providing ongoing maintenance and support.

In summary, Inwider Technologies specializes in providing comprehensive network infrastructure services and security solutions to businesses and organizations. These services cover various aspects of communication and data management to help clients maintain efficient and secure operations.

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